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Being a 4PL-operator, Alviero Logistics has a great experience and expertise in a wide range of transport and warehouse logistics. We can ship cargoes by any type of transport all over the world. We can implement all customs regimes and carry out every necessary procedure during cargo movement.

Practically we can solve any logistic task for our clients. High speed and accuracy of order execution is ensured by a combination of advanced technologies and a teamwork of professionals who are passionate about their work.

Air Freight. All air routes have been worked out and tested by the specialists of our company, so you do not need to worry about the safety of your cargo. Air transportation takes place as follows:

Sea transportation is necessary in cases where it is difficult or simply impossible to do this by any other transport. This type of transportation does not limit the client in the volume and quantity of cargo and is very profitable financially.

Road transportation is the fastest and most efficient way to transport cargo. Benefits: Convenience. Tight deadlines and the combination of different types of cargo is of no small importance.

Alviero Logistics offers comprehensive services for the full handling of goods in the warehouse. This concept includes technological and technical maintenance, ensuring the safety, placement, accounting and storage of cargo.

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Effective solutions

A wide range of services and opportunities allows our Clients to work with us in a “single window”, receiving all the necessary service from one company. Control of the movement of goods along the entire route is carried out through our on-line system Alviero Map


We have been working in the international logistics market for over 19 years


Reliability and safety: cars and drivers are carefully checked by the security service


More than 110 thousand cargo flights are carried out annually